2019 Castelli Team Competition Explanation.

We are starting the season off with a big $1000 cash purse for the team competition thanks to Castelli. With that, we also wanted to be very clear on how the team points competition is scored. 

The points you earn in each race based off hot laps and finishing placing decide your place at the end of the night. We assign the following points to riders based off their placing on the night:

1st. 25
2nd. 18
3rd. 15
4th. 12
5th. 10
6th. 8
7th. 6
8th. 4
9th. 2
10th. 1

For the team competition we only take the top two placings from each team and add them up. Here is an example of how that breaks down:

1st. 25 - US Postal     
2nd. 18 -  T-Mobile
3rd. 15 -  T-Mobile
4th. 12 - Robobank
5th. 10 -  Giacobazzi-Nonantola 
6th. 8 - US Postal
7th. 6 - T-Mobile *
8th. 4 - US Postal *
9th. 2 - Robobank
10th. 1 - US Postal *
* = do not count towards total

In this example, here is what the nightly points totals would look like:
US Postal = 33
T-Mobile = 33
Robobank = 14
Giacobazzi-Nonantola = 10

Interestingly, we have a tie in this case, so who wins? US Postal does because in the event of ties, we look towards placings. Most number of 1st places, most number of 2nd places, etc till the tie is broken. 

For May, we are adding up all the points from the 4/5s, 3/4s, and 1/2/3s, so teams represented in all the fields are those most likely to place well. 

We answer questions about this every year, so I thought having a more formal explanation might help. Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.