Numbers on the Right, Final Standings of Oliphant Memorial Series

This week all categories will be racing in a CLOCKWISE DIRECTION - ONE NUMBER ON THE RIGHT. You can always find this info for the entire season at

Online registration at Athletepath is working superbly for the series and links to each date can be found on the registration page of our website: and this week's link is here:

Final Standings for the David Oliphant Memorial Series
. HCH-RPM Mortgage Cycling Team
2. Dr Will Bar
3. Therapeutic Associates Racing

1. Athletes Lounge Cycling Team
2. HCH-RPM Mortgage Cycling Team
3. VMR Racing

And the final individual standings:

1. Joe Dengel
2. Steven Beardsley
3. Stephen Bedford

1. Felipe Nystrom
2. Erik Young
3. Ryan McCracken

1. Evan Tufte
2. Isaac Tarter
3. Michael Collins

Full Standings can be found at

Payouts for the competition total $1200 and look like this: 1/2/3s 1st - $400 2nd - $250 3rd - $100, 3/4s 1st - $250 2nd - $150 3rd - $50. We'll be doing a presentation at the races tomorrow.

We would again like to thank the Oliphant Family, Donate Life NorthwestLegacy Health and Jeff Mitchem for all their time, donations and support to make this series possible.

Online registration is available on Athletepath and this week’s registration can be found here: The cost is $15 and there’ll be no surcharge. That means that the cost is the same online as it is in person. You can preregister online up until 2pm on the day of the race and you can then head straight to the start line, no need to check in at registration. 

Race day, on site registration is located at the finish line in the middle of the main straight away.

If you have an season or team pass, you'll just need to check in with us before heading to your start. 

Juniors (18 and under racing in open categories) - $5 
Single Race for all others - $15

You can find all of the information about the series on our website at and also keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Tonight's schedule look's like this:
5:15pm - Registration open
6:20pm - Category 4/5 - 6 Laps
6:25pm - Category 5 - 5 Laps
6:40pm - Category 1/2/3 - 18 Laps (Three hot laps)
6:45pm - Category 3/4 - 15 Laps (Three hot laps)

See you all out there tomorrow!