Jeremy Russell, Peter Newlands, Michael Hopkins & TAI win April Series

We had a pretty wet start to the season this year but those who stuck it out will be rewarded. Jeremy Russell will be the first to don the new Castelli leader's jersey in the 1/2/3s and his strong performance brought the Ex Novo Brewing team competition to his Therapeutic Associates team. Rounding out the podium for the month was Steve Remy in second and Christian Tresser in third.

In the 3/4 category Peter Newlands took home a commanding lead in what I'm assuming will be his last month in the 3/4s. Peter beat out Cole Hilton and Rick Boston for the series. Michael Hopkins finished clear of Matthew Wilkins and Jeff Condry in the 4/5s. We're looking forward to seeing all of the leaders next month in their Castelli leader's jerseys. 

River City Bicycles monthly prizes for all of those finishing in the top three of each category will be available at registration next week and those monthly winners should also pick up their jerseys to wear for the month.

Thanks again for everybody that braved the elements and made it out in April. We look forward to the (hopefully) improving weather in May. For those of you who still need to get some sunshine this week, get out to Montinore!