Numbers on the Right, Hot, Hot, Hot at PIR Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the first PIR for the month of August and we'll have new series leaders. Remember to pick up your jersey at registration. It'll be warm again tomorrow out at PIR, looking at a high of 86 degrees with lots of sun. 

We'll be headed clockwise with numbers on the right.

Don't forget that we have the hand cyclists racing on the track until 6pm for the rest of the season so there will be no pre-riding of the course. All warming up must be done inside the track.

If you've raced on Tuesdays already this season you won't need to fill out another waiver.

Juniors (18 and under racing in open categories) - $5 
Single Race for all others - $15

Tonight's schedule look's like this:
5:15pm - Registration open
6:20pm - Category 4/5 - 6+ Laps
6:25pm - Category 5 - 5+ Laps
6:40pm - Category 1/2/3 - 20 Laps (Three hot laps)
6:45pm - Category 3/4 - 18 Laps (Three hot laps)