Final Standings for the Oliphant Memorial Series

Thank you to all who came out in June for Tuesday Night PIR and the David Oliphant Memorial Series.

The top three racers overall in the 1/2/3, 3/4 and 4/5 categories will have River City Bicycles gift certificates waiting for them at registration. Congrats to these riders:

1. Stephen Bedford
2. Tim Reinhart
3. Martin Acosta

1. Justin Buell
2. Patrick Palmer
3. James Randall

1. Rod Mitchell
2. Jon Kraft
3. Justin Rackley

Thanks again to Castelli, those riders who won the series in June will get to wear a leader's jersey for the month of July.

The Hopworks Urban Brewery Team Competition in the 1/2/3 category went great again in June and we have the amazing generosity of the Oliphant adding a cash prize to that as well as to the 3/4 category races. HCH-RPM took a commanding win over Therapeutic Associates and Smith&Nephew p/b West End Bikes. In the 3/4 Category we saw Therapeutic Associates and Dr Will Bar. Here are the final team standings:

. HCH-RPM Mortgage Cycling Team
. Therapeutic Associates Racing
3. Smith&Nephew p/b West End Bikes

1. Therapeutic Associates Racing
2. HCH-RPM Mortgage Cycling Team
3. Dr Will Bar

Details on these competitions can be found here: and we are keeping the website up to date with the current standings.

A huge debt of gratitude is owed to the Oliphant family for once again bringing David Oliphant Memorial Series to us again this year. We appreciate the hard work that they've done to keep David's memory close.

A thank you again to our sponsors River City Bicycles, Hopworks Urban Brewery and Castelli. You all are what makes it possible to have such a great series.

Clint Culpepper