Beardsley, HP Chiro-RPM Mortgage Take Over Leads

Thank you to all who came out this week for Tuesday Night PIR. We wish quick healing to those who went down and hope to see you back out there soon. Results have been posted and can be found here:

The top three racers in the 1/2/3 race will have cash waiting for them at registration next week. 

Movement again in the Hopworks Team Competition with HP Chiro-RPM Mortgage coming out in numbers to take control of the series but Therapeutic Associates are still looking strong in second and the Gentle Lovers aren't far behind so it looks like next week will decide everything.

Steven Beardsley's win this week moves him into first in the individual competition ahead of teammate Joe Dengel.

Here are the current standings for the Hopworks Category 1/2/3 Competition:

1. HPChiro-RPM Mortgage Cycling Team 205
2. Therapeutic Associates PDX Cycling 170
 3. Gentle Lovers 161
4. VC Roger 116
5. Rapha/River City Bicycles 113

Details on this competition as well as the individual competitions can be found here: and we are keeping the website up to date with the current standings.

Current standings for the individual monthly competitions:

Category 1/2/3
1. Steven Beardsley 58
2. Joe Dengel 50
 3. Stephen Bedford 43

Category 3/4
1. Ryan McCracken 71
2. Eddie Wang 59
3. Nathan Etzel 49

Category 4/5
1. Rick Boston 80
2. Gerard Smith 49
3. Rod Mitchell 42