Leaders Jerseys, Great Season Prizes and 79 Degrees!

We've got another night of fantastic weather with a high of 79 degrees tomorrow! You all should be coming out just to get a tan!

We'll be going 'round counter clockwise with numbers on the left.

April is all finished for Tuesday Night PIR and we have Castelli leader's jerseys waiting for Steven Beardsley, Cole Hilton and Benjamin Drucker at registration. If you finished in the top three for the series we also have River City Bicycles gift certificates for you. The Hopworks Team Competition prizes go to HPChiro-RPM Mortgage, Gentle Lovers and Therapeutic Associates PDX Cycling. Congratulations to all of you and I expect to see you all at Hopworks after the races.

You'll be able to register online until 2pm on the day of racing and if you register online you won't need to check in at registration, just head straight to the start line. If you've raced on Tuesdays already this season you won't need to fill out another waiver.


Juniors (18 and under racing in open categories) - $5 
Single Race for all others - $15

You can find all of the information about the series on our website at www.tuesdaynightpir.com and also keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Tonight's schedule look's like this:
5:15pm - Registration open
6:00pm - Juniors (Hosted by PDX DEVO) This race is free for all juniors and will be 20 minutes.
6:20pm - Category 4/5 - 6 Laps
6:25pm - Category 5 - 5 Laps
6:40pm - Category 1/2/3 - 16 Laps (Three hot laps)
6:45pm - Category 3/4 - 14 Laps (Three hot laps)