Last Night of the April Series

Another amazing day for Tuesday PIR! 61 degrees with zero percent (Don't quote me on that) chance of rain. It is the last night for the April monthly series so it'll be your last chance to move into the top three for River City monthly prizes and for the Hopworks Team Competition.

This week all categories will be racing in a CLOCKWISE DIRECTION - ONE NUMBER ON THE RIGHT.

Remember that you can preregister up until 2pm today and you can then head straight to the start line, no need to check in at registration. When registering, just be sure to click on the correct date on the OBRA calendar. Race day, on site registration is located at the Finish Line in the middle of the main straight away.

If you've raced already this season you don't need to fill out another waiver for the rest of the season, come straight to registration. If you have an individual or team pass, you'll just need to check in with us before heading to your start.

Juniors (18 and under racing in open categories) - $5 
Single Race for all others - $15

You can find all of the information about the series on our website at and also keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Tonight's schedule look's like this:
5:15pm - Registration open
6:00pm - Juniors (Hosted by PDX DEVO) This race is free for all juniors and will be 20 minutes.
6:20pm - Category 4/5 - 6 Laps
6:25pm - Category 5 - 5 Laps
6:40pm - Category 1/2/3 - 14 Laps (Three hot laps)
6:45pm - Category 3/4 - 12 Laps (Three hot laps)

Team & Individual Passes are still available online or in person at registration.

Hopworks Category 1/2/3 Team Competition
1. HPChiro-RPM Mortgage Cycling Team 87
2. Gentle Lovers 66
3. Therapeutic Associates PDX Cycling 63
4. Rapha/River City Bicycles 54
5. Ironclad/Yakima 44

Castelli Monthly Leaders Jersey Competition
Cat 1/2/3
1. Steven Beardsley 33
2. Tim Reinhart 30
3. Kyle Medlin 25
4. Stephen Bedford 18
5. Dean Tracy 15

Cat 3/4
1. Cole Hilton 25
1. Tony Dirks 25
3. Daniel Kappes 21
4. Mike Selinger 18
4. Michael Squire 18
6. Daniel Kappes 15
6. Keith Levesque 15

Cat 4/5
1. Benjamin Drucker 43
1. Richard Horacek 43
3. Stephan Pechtol 30
4. Gerard Smith 22
5. Mike Emerson 12

Remember that there are also River City Bicycles gift certificates for the top three racers in all categories at the end of each month.

See you all out there tonight!

Clint Culpepper