May Series Results

Below are the May results for the first two nights of racing. As you can see, it pays to race especially when the weather is less than pleasant. 

Castelli Individual Series

Category 1/2/3 Name Team 5/2 5/9 Total
1 Felipe Nystrom 18 25 43
2 Marek Litinsky Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing 25 0 25
3 Nathan Dills 0 18 18
4 Stephen Bedford Hosmer Chiropractic -RPM Mortgage 15 0 15
5 Jeremy Russell River City Bicycles 0 15 15
6 Travis Brown Therapeutic Associates Racing p/b Pacific Office 12 0 12
7 Chris Waggoner Therapeutic Associates Racing p/b Pacific Office 0 12 12
8 Martin Acosta 10 0 10
9 Keelan Ontiveros V.C. Cascade p/b Slocum 0 10 10
10 andrew loaiza 8 0 8
11 Brad Gebhard 4 4 8
12 Evan Murphy 0 8 8
13 Christian Tresser 6 0 6
14 Andrew Suchocki Therapeutic Associates Racing p/b Pacific Office 0 6 6
15 Kyle Roberts 2 0 2
16 Henrique Serra Therapeutic Associates Racing p/b Pacific Office 0 2 2
17 Weston Martin 1 0 1
18 Joel Fletcher Hosmer Chiropractic -RPM Mortgage 0 1 1
Category 3/4 Name Team 5/2 5/9 Total
1 Dylan Wiggins 25 0 25
2 Greg Steele Audi 0 25 25
3 Johnny Burrell 15 6 21
4 Annick Chalier Fast Fun Nice Racing Team p/b Wattie Ink 18 0 18
5 Randall Fransen Mettle Cycling 0 18 18
6 Daniel Kurlyo 0 15 15
7 Eric Anderson Dr Will Bar p/b Atmosera 12 0 12
8 eric zugar 0 12 12
9 Kristopher Celtnieks Hammer Velo 10 0 10
10 Luke Coleman 0 10 10
11 John Gill Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing 8 0 8
12 Steve Swanson 4 3 7
13 Tsering Alleyne 6 0 6
14 Patrick Palmer Hosmer Chiropractic -RPM Mortgage 0 6 6
15 Sky Nelson Guinness Cycling Team 0 4 4
16 Jon Thomsen Dr Will Bar p/b Atmosera 2 0 2
17 Brett Ensor Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing 1 0 1
18 Michael Collins 0 1 1
Category 4/5 Name Team 5/2 5/9 Total
1 Lorne Cross Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing 25 18 43
2 Nathaniel Sherrett Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing 2 25 27
3 Joel Mora 18 0 18
4 David Harrell 15 0 15
5 Mike Ott Fast Fun Nice Racing Team p/b Wattie Ink 0 15 15
6 Whitney Phillips Dialed Cycling Team 12 0 12
7 Philippe Gauthier Mettle Cycling 0 12 12
8 Duncan Howell V.C. Cascade p/b Slocum 10 0 10
9 Jake Gartland Portland Bicycle Studio 0 10 10
10 Dave Petermeier 1 8 9
11 Andre Vogs 8 0 8
12 Lance Heppler Dialed Cycling Team 6 0 6
13 Dustin Einig 0 6 6
14 norman wilhelm 4 0 4
15 Nic Kytlica Team Planet X USA p/b Xiologix 0 4 4
16 Michael Smelser 0 2 2
17 aavinaldo serra 0 1 1

10 Barrel Team Competition

Team Competition 5/2 5/9 Totals
1 Therapeutic Associates Racing p/b Pacific Office 12 18 30
2 Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing 25 0 25
3 Hosmer Chiropractic -RPM Mortgage 15 1 16
4 River City Bicycles 0 15 15
5 V.C. Cascade p/b Slocum 0 10 10

April Series Result

Series results for the month are up. If you placed in the top 3 in your category, please come see me at registration. We have custom Tuesday Night PIR leaders jerseys for the winner of each category for the Castelli individual competition and gift cards from River City Bicycles from 1st - 3rd. 

For the 10 Barrel team competition, we have gift cards for 1st - 3rd as well in the 1/2/3 race. 

Category 1/2/3    
1    Chris Waggoner    Therapeutic Associates Racing p/b Pacific Office
2    Evan Murphy    
3    Marek Litinsky    Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing

Category 3/4    
1    Eric Anderson    Dr Will Bar p/b Atmosera
2    Kristopher Celtnieks    Hammer Velo
3    Peter Newlands    Hosmer Chiropractic -RPM Mortgage

Category 4/5   
1    Joel Mora    
2    Nathaniel Sherrett    Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing
3    Lance Heppler    Dialed Cycling Team

Team Competition (1/2/3)
1    Therapeutic Associates Racing p/b Pacific Office
2    Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing
3    River City Bicycles

Any questions shoot me an email ( ). 

Tuesday Night PIR 2017 Announcements

We are weeks away from another year at PIR. I am going to start with what is new this season because there have been some significant overhauls, then give a refresher on my standard weekly reminders you'll be hearing once a week for the entire summer.

First, the biggest change is that we are offering pre-reg for $15 at no additional cost to the rider (no surcharges, no hidden costs, etc). We'll keep that open till 3pm the day of the race, so you have time to refresh the weather page another 50 times before you decide you want to race even if it is 100% chance of rain. In person race entry is going to jump to $20. (See what we did there?) We really want you to pre-reg. If pre-reg isn't your thing or the internet worries you, no problem. We still got your back, but we need to charge you $5 extra to help offset hiring another person to help man registration. 

You can now purchase those passes directly from this site. Go to our Passes page to buy individual season passes or team packs of 50 or 100 entries. These are heavily discounted and you'll have the option to use pass at reg or pre-reg using a unique discount code. If you want anything special, like buying 83 passes exactly, we can do that too. Just shoot me an email. If you are new to the team pass thing, I keep track of passes used and update you as the series goes on. Once you get close to the end of your passes, you can re-up at the same rate or pass and all your riders pay their way. We are also happy to offer a deal where team pays $8 and riders pay $5 (for 100 packs or more, $9 / $5 for 50 packs or more). That option has worked well for teams and riders in the past. 

We are taking a couple days off this season because they either happen to fall just after a holiday or on a holiday. Those days are May 30th (day after Memorial Day) and July 4th (the day where you drink beers and barbecue instead of race your bike). 

We'll be offering women's fields the months of June and July while Monday PIR goes on sabbatical for Portland Short Track Season. If demand is high enough, I am more than happy to offer those racing slots throughout the season, but, I also want to strongly encourage folks to race Monday's as well as Matt has done a lot of work to help promote the series and particularly the women's fields this season. 

Thanks to the expert coaches at Wenzel Coaching, we will have a pre-race clinic once a month. With the exception of May, the last Tuesday will have a clinic taught by professional coaches from 5:30-6:15pm. In May, we'll bump that a week earlier because no racing on the 30th. This clinic is great to help you go over the basics whether you raced before or are new to the sport. This clinic also counts as upgrade points from your 5 to a 4. Stay tuned for more details or email Pete Lindeman for specifics. 

To accommodate some changes later in the season, we moved the schedule around a bit. Please see below for exact start times. No late riders will be allowed to participate in the race or jump in. Please plan accordingly:

5:00pm - Registration open
5:30pm - Free pre-race clinic (Hosted by Wenzel Coaching).  Runs the last Tuesday of every month. Email Pete Lindeman for details. 
6:00pm - Juniors - 20 minutes (Hosted by PDX DEVO) Junior season runs 4/18-5/22
6:20pm - Novice - 6-8 Laps
6:25pm - Category 4/5 - 7-10 Laps
6:40pm - Category 3/4 - Between 10-20 Laps, 2-4 Hot Spots depending on daylight
6:45pm - Category 1/2/3 - Between 12-23 Laps, 3-5 Hot Spots depending on daylight

Back for 2017 are some of the best companies around that always help promote racing and support the community.
Castelli again will be offering the monthly leader's jersey to the monthly winner of the 4/5, 3/4, and 1/2/3 fields. These things look great again this year and they are yours to keep as bragging rights on every group ride you go on after you win. 
10 Barrel Brewing Co will be offering gift certificates 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the 1/2/3 fields for the team competition. Gift certs are $100, $75, and $50 so plenty of money to buy your team some rounds for helping you win. 
River City Bicycles is offering monthly prizes to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of all the race fields again this year. Not only are they one of the best bike shops in the world, but, they have sponsored Tuesday Night PIR and so much more in the local scene for years. Fantastic shop with some of the best staff around--many of them at the race! 

Open Categories - $20
Juniors race - FREE
Juniors racing open categories - $5
From 5:00 to five minutes prior to your start time.

On site registration is located at the OBRA Trailer at the Start/Finish area in the middle of the main grandstands. Cash and Check accepted at event. Please make checks payable to Cascade Sports Performance. 

Go to and click Register under the night you wish to register for.
OBRA membership required: Single-day membership for $5 or annual membership for $30, available at race registration or online. OBRA rules and categories apply. Helmets required.

Portland International Raceway
1940 N Victory Blvd, Portland, OR 97217 / From I-5 take exit #306b west. 
The racetrack is located immediately west of the freeway.